Hokkaido Natural Raclette Cheese Tokachi Moorwash 十勝ラクレット モールウォッシュ 150g 十勝品質事業協同組合

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Made in Tokachi, Hokkaido, an area blessed with natural hot springs and vast nature, this cheese was washed and polished with moor hot spring water from Tokachigawa. It is then fermented for 3 months. This cheese has a special blend of umami and has a mellow taste. 

Heat it up with a frying pan and pour it over potatoes, steak, etc., 

Available in 1 pc, 3pcs or 5pcs. 3 pcs and 5pcs sets come with a gift box. 

北海道十勝の雄大な自然の恵みと、職人たちの仕事が生み出す「十勝ラクレット モールウォッシュ」。